For the film review of this week, well, it’s more of a 3 SHORT FILM Reviews 😛

I never see myself as a deep-into-art or deep-in-understanding-art-that-have-deep-intellectual-hidden-meaning-in-it  person, so, truth to be told, this week’s film review is a tad bit hard for me to fully understand what the directors of the 3 films are trying to tell to us. My best guess to me not being so good in understanding these films is because I am not fully aware of the current social/political situations because the 3 films that we watched, they talk a lot about what is happening in Malaysia as of the year 2015.

Anyhoo, a brief introduction to 15 Malaysia. What is 15 Malaysia? Malaysia divided into 15 parts? No, no. 15 Malaysia is a project created to commemorate the National Day on 2009 (that would be 7 years ago) and this project is a collection of 15 best Malaysian film directors and is starred by not only Malaysia’s famous actors/actresses and artists, but also, 2 of our countries’ politicians are in it. I did not see the film where Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai acted but I definitely saw the one where Khairy Jamaluddin is in.

But we did not watched all 15 films probably because we would not have enough time to watch all of them but our lecturers picked 3 out of 15 and those are:

  1. Duit Kecil (Watch here~)
  2. Lollipop (Click here, senpai!)
  3. Meter (KJ is in this one!)

As always, I would include the review of this film (based and judged by 2 girls who sadly, have little idea on the issues of the film 😦 )




3 abdul

I was probably the only student who got excited when Ms Raja told us what movie we are watching in class this week.

I grow up watching Doraemon, Shin Chan and P.Ramlee’s movies. I still enjoy watching them up till today. There is just something about his movies that does not make me bored watching it over and over again. Some of my favourites are Antara Dua Darjat (mainly for the song ‘Getaran Jiwa’ in it), Pendekar Bujang Lapok (Cobaaaaaannn…), Labu Labi (Haji Bakhil~) Masam-masam Manis (Chegu Shaari!) and most definitely 3 Abdul.

However, I have never watched his movies and think of the messages he was trying to convey to his audience until my lecturers told me to make a review of the movie. It is definitely interesting to watch one of your favourite movies and actually watch it for its messages, the characters, the cinematography and all of that sorts. Plus, before watching the movie, we learned about the 5 voices and it certainly gave me a new light when I watched 3 Abdul later in class that week.

After watching the movie and did a bit of research with my best buds, Mr G, I just knew that all of P.Ramlee’s movies have some criticism or mockery towards the current social and political issues back in his days.

If you’re interested to hear what me and my friend has got to say about the film, watch the video below! 🙂


FILM REVIEW: Perempuan, Isteri dan … (Jalang)

It was quite an excitement for me to watch a movie in class (despite having to review on the movie later) but, it is always nice to just sit in the class (especially when the lights are out) and watch as the white wall being filled up with colours and words.


Anyway, the first of the four films we are going to watch in class is a 23 years old, U-Wei Hj Saari’s movie named, Perempuan, Isteri dan … (dot dot dot). It caught my attention when Ms. Raja (our lecturer) mentioned the name in class because I did not expect that the actual title of the movie has the ‘…’ in it. Only after I have watched the movie, I could guess what the dot dot dot represents but did not want to make any assumptions, so, I did what all youths these days would do, Google it. I was right in some ways. The ‘…’ represents the word ‘Jalang’. Jalang in English, a whore. If the title of the movie is in English, it makes up quite a nice title (to me); Woman, Wife and Whore. 3Ws. Ain’t it nice?  The movie, well, it must be quite a controversial movie when it first released due to quite a lot of explicit scenes (mainly to Malaysian viewers). If you are interested to know about the synopsis of the movie, read down below. (SPOILERS ALERT!)

Here’s a brief synopsis of the movie: The movie is about this lady named, Zaleha. She ran away on her wedding day just when her future husband, Amir, is somewhere outside the house waiting to be wed to her. Amir was obviously furious by this and managed to track Zaleha down. Zaleha was found in a motel with her newly wed husband (not Amir). She eloped with the current husband to Thailand and got married there. Amir knows the husband and felt betrayed by both of them, killed the husband and sold Zaleha to a Thai-Chinese man, named Som Chai. (I could not NOT laugh when I found out Som Chai was played by M. Rajoli, who in his later years of acting, plays a lot of Ustaz character.However, Amir told Som Chai that he wants Zaleha back in 6 months time (God knows what reason for). After the 6th month, Zaleha and Amir reunited but Amir’s hatred towards her did not subside. They were caught by the JAIS for spending a night together at another motel. Amir decided to take her as a wife rather than had to pay a fine. He then brought Zaleha back to his village. Zaleha, has turned to be a very flirtatious woman (probably due to her previous career). She went out with a guy she met in a restaurant and were very closed to him when they were ‘watching’ a movie in the cinema, paid the guy (Majid, a foreigner who sells textiles and shoes) she owes money to without actually giving him money (if you’re that naive, she promised him herself) and had numerous sexual encounters with one of the man (Tapa, Zaleha’s scandal)  in the village. Amir only found out about Tapa and did what he did best, kill. Not only he killed Tapa, he killed his wife too. So, that’s the ‘brief synopsis’ of the whole movie.

If you are interested in knowing what my friend and I think of the movie, do click on the link below but do bear in mind, it was our first time reviewing a movie. We’d like to apologize if it’s not as good as you thought it’d be. Thank you and enjoy!

FILM REVIEW: Perempuan, Isteri dan … (Jalang)

Malaysian Painters

I have never been exposed to local arts (in terms of paintings, sculptures, etc.). European artists such as da Vinci, Monet, Van Gogh and even Rembrandt (it amazes me that I spelled the name rightly). I know that I know these painters because their names were being mentioned in lots of movies such as, Dan Brown’s famous movie adaptation: The Da Vinci Code, Renoir (a French movie about the famous French painter, Renoir) and a lot more.

Leonardo da Vinci’s famous ‘The Last Supper’
Renoir’s ‘Luncheon of the Boating Party’.
Rembrandt’s ‘Night Watch’.
Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh OSA430
Van Gogh’s ‘The Starry Night’.

However, I have not (and ashamed) that I do not know any of our local Malaysian painters up until Dr. Carmen introduced us to some of the most notable painters in Malaysia. Abdullah Ariff, Yong Mun Sen, Hoessein Enas, and Tay Mo Leong were some of the names that were introduced to me today.

Abdullah Ariff’s artwork are more towards landscapes or nature. These are some of his famous paintings that are currently being sold in two art gallery, which are in Henry Butcher Art Auctioneers, Kuala Lumpur and Christie’s in Hong Kong. Abdullah Ariff


Same goes to Yong Mun Sen’s artwork although from what I can see, he loved to paint more on buildings as we can see on his incredible paintings below. More of Yong Mun Sen’s artwork can be viewed through this link : Yong Mun Sen


Hoessein Enas’ works are more on portraits and all of them are incredible.



As of Tay Mo Leong’s artwork, it is more to a modern/abstract looking. I am probably one of the worst person to describe art (but appreciates them!) but judging from his work other than the rest, Tay Mo Leong is probably like Picasso of Malaysia (to me).


I am looking forward to go to an art gallery now and be like any other art connoisseur by standing in front of an art and think what does the painter think and feel when he is painting his masterpiece. Anyway, thank you for reading!


Malaysian Painters