For the film review of this week, well, it’s more of a 3 SHORT FILM Reviews 😛

I never see myself as a deep-into-art or deep-in-understanding-art-that-have-deep-intellectual-hidden-meaning-in-it  person, so, truth to be told, this week’s film review is a tad bit hard for me to fully understand what the directors of the 3 films are trying to tell to us. My best guess to me not being so good in understanding these films is because I am not fully aware of the current social/political situations because the 3 films that we watched, they talk a lot about what is happening in Malaysia as of the year 2015.

Anyhoo, a brief introduction to 15 Malaysia. What is 15 Malaysia? Malaysia divided into 15 parts? No, no. 15 Malaysia is a project created to commemorate the National Day on 2009 (that would be 7 years ago) and this project is a collection of 15 best Malaysian film directors and is starred by not only Malaysia’s famous actors/actresses and artists, but also, 2 of our countries’ politicians are in it. I did not see the film where Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai acted but I definitely saw the one where Khairy Jamaluddin is in.

But we did not watched all 15 films probably because we would not have enough time to watch all of them but our lecturers picked 3 out of 15 and those are:

  1. Duit Kecil (Watch here~)
  2. Lollipop (Click here, senpai!)
  3. Meter (KJ is in this one!)

As always, I would include the review of this film (based and judged by 2 girls who sadly, have little idea on the issues of the film 😦 )



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