For our last assignment, we were assigned to make a report on Malaysian traditional art. I had a few on my mind but somehow, I thought of proposing to my group mates about Gamelan.

Gamelan Melayu consists of mainly 7 instruments:


Saron Barong
Saron Peking



It wasn’t hard for me to find someone to interview or even play the Gamelan for us. I called a friend from my old school to set a date for us to come and two lovely juniors of mine, helped a lot for our report. They were so attentive and super helpful. I did not expect them to teach us on how to play the instrument (mainly because it is getting late) but they didn’t mind at all. And, I am proud that my group mates managed to play one set beautifully, despite only practising it for a short brief of time.

Travelling back to UiTM with my new university friends is something. I do miss my old university (I was there for 3 years after high school and a LOTTTT happened) but it feels nice to come back and introduced my new friends a bit of my past. I don’t think this would happened if we are not assigned for this assignment. So, thank you to all of our lecturers for this great subject. Made me feel a bit more cultured than I was. Hehe. ❤


Baling Talk

As far as my memory can be trusted, the last time I went to watch a theatre was probably 16 years ago (?) with my parents. So, when I heard our next field trip of the class is to watch a theatre, well, it is definitely something that I looked forward to. The theatre that we watched is called Baling Talk. It never crossed my mind that it is a historical-genre and it is a very unique kind of theatre because it is mobile (I hope I get the terms right). What I meant by mobile is, we (audience) have to walk up and down (it was played in a shop lot-kind of place) the stairs (obviously) to the first floor and then settled down at the ground floor.

But what is Baling talk? Why Baling? Does the actor throw something to each other? Well, silly if you think of that (but you’re not alone if you do). Baling Talk is about the talk that took place in Baling, Kedah. Talk between 3 notable people in the making of the Independence Day of Malaysia. These 3 people are, our first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman, David Marshall, the 1st Chief Minister of Singapore and Chin Peng, Malaya’s Communist.


I don’t think the Baling Talk has ever came out in our school history text book. It is a talk that happened a year before the Independence Day (1956). This talk is more on negotiation between both Tunku and David Marshall with Chin Peng. The two of them would like Chin Peng to surrender before Tunku leaves for England. But, the talk failed because Chin Peng did not agree to the terms that was set by Tunku and David Marshall as he and the rest of the Communist members to be isolated from the society and be under surveillance. A bit of a trivia that was told by the actors to us is, it is in this talk when Chin Peng made his first appearance in public.

Anyhow, the play started downstairs and we were shown a video of the Baling Talk. Not the actual talk but just a snippet or more of a introduction (or propaganda) to the Baling Talk (watch below!)

After the video, we were directed to move upstairs. There were probably hundreds of papers glued to the wall (like in the picture below) and then three actors, each being the Tunku, David Marshall and Chin Peng, came in behind us (we were sitting on the floor except for a few who got to sit on a stool) and started looking so furious and looked at the papers. Then, the actors started talking and it caught us by surprise when they pulled the papers off the wall and threw it on the floor (to express their anger/frustration). And then, we moved back downstairs and there were lots of books being arranged on the floor in some pattern (only after the talk, during the discussion, we knew that the books were arranged like the map of Tanah Melayu) and the play continued. Only then, the three actors changed characters. For example, the first scene, the actor played Tunku, the next scene, he played Chin Peng. Something new to me but so far, it is interesting that the concept is like that.

The Baling Talk play is definitely one of the most unique type of play that I’ve ever encountered and it definitely gave me a new insight in the process of achieving independence for this country.

Baling Talk



The last film review of all film reviews we have to do. Anyway, the final film review is on a film that I personally enjoy watching it. A film by Mamat Khalid (orang kampung teman wei!). Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah (Karisma had trouble saying the title of the movie when we were recording the film review. Lol) is a horror-comedy movie and it is somewhat a continuation from some of Mamat Khalid’s movies such as Man Laksa, Zombi Kg. Pisang and then another movie was made after HKLBR which is Hosin, Mon & Jin Pakai Toncit.

And again, only when I watch the movie again for the sake of having it reviewed, that I realized a few trivia in it, which is super funny and creative (not going to spoil it. If you want to know, watch the video downnnn below :3)