For our last assignment, we were assigned to make a report on Malaysian traditional art. I had a few on my mind but somehow, I thought of proposing to my group mates about Gamelan.

Gamelan Melayu consists of mainly 7 instruments:


Saron Barong
Saron Peking



It wasn’t hard for me to find someone to interview or even play the Gamelan for us. I called a friend from my old school to set a date for us to come and two lovely juniors of mine, helped a lot for our report. They were so attentive and super helpful. I did not expect them to teach us on how to play the instrument (mainly because it is getting late) but they didn’t mind at all. And, I am proud that my group mates managed to play one set beautifully, despite only practising it for a short brief of time.

Travelling back to UiTM with my new university friends is something. I do miss my old university (I was there for 3 years after high school and a LOTTTT happened) but it feels nice to come back and introduced my new friends a bit of my past. I don’t think this would happened if we are not assigned for this assignment. So, thank you to all of our lecturers for this great subject. Made me feel a bit more cultured than I was. Hehe. ❤


One thought on “Gamelan

  1. Carmen Nge says:

    Thanks for sharing about your trip back to your old university!! I am very happy this project enabled you to reconnect and to have a bit of nostalgia about the past 🙂

    I can tell you all had fun playing the instruments and it was funny to see some of the stressful looks your group mates had but it all worked out in the end! I was impressed you managed to play such a nice ensemble piece in such a short time!! Bravo!


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