ParaNorman, a 3D-stop motion animated film. Stop motion animation is not really what I favour to watch but I do appreciate the hard work of making a stop motion work since it could take a lot of time and energy in creating one.

A story about a boy named Norman who possess the ability to talk to the dead and since he is not doing well in socializing with people in the real life, talking to the dead seems to be the opposite of abnormal to him. He lived in a city where witch used to roam the streets and since he can see the dead, (which seems to be a hereditary ability), he is responsible to read a story to a 300 year old, dead young witch who awakes every year on the same day she was killed. However, conflicts happened and she began her rage to the town who had her killed and it is up to Norman and his friends and family to stop and calm the little witch.

Judging from the film and its storyline, ParaNorman is a mixed genre, just like Zombieland where the two prominent genres are comedy and horror. And again, like Zombieland, there are evidence of postmodernism elements in the film. The first and obvious element is the hybrid between two different genres and the other one is how ParaNorman redirect our views on zombies. We will always see zombies as a walking dead who eats other people but in ParaNorman, the zombies are actually the one who wants to help Norman but because they are zombies, they act like zombies until Norman got to the part where he managed to communicate with their souls and not with their zombie physiques. That is quite a plot twist and I enjoyed that.



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